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Deploy and run your Node.js app effortless

Deploy and run your Node.js app in a containerized infrastructure powered by Docker and Google Cloud. With native support to most adopted databases like MongoDB and MySQL and deployment engine which auto-detects your app's dependencies (NPM or Yarn), so you don't need to send tons of dependencies when deploying your app.

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remote: Umbler: Build started. ID #2a0b1c5f-e2de-4cb6-b241-0790e16f2243
remote: Umbler: Build logs
remote: NPM detected
remote: Umbler0.1.0 /usr/src/app
remote: -- express3.21.2
remote: +-- basic-auth1.0.4
remote: +-- commander2.6.0
remote: +-- connect2.30.2
remote: | +-- basic-auth-connect1.0.0
remote: | +-- body-parser1.13.3
remote: | | +-- iconv-lite0.4.11
remote: | | -- raw-body2.1.7 remote: | | +-- bytes2.4.0
remote: | | -- iconv-lite0.4.1
remote: | +-- bytes2.1.0
remote: | +-- compression1.5.2
remote: | | +-- accepts1.2.13
remote: | | | -- negotiator0.5.3
remote: | | -- compressible2.0.10
remote: | | -- mime-db1.27.0
remote: | +-- connect-timeout1.6.2
remote: | +-- cookie-parser1.3.5
remote: | +-- csurf1.8.3
remote: | | -- csrf3.0.6
remote: | | +-- rndm1.2.0
remote: | | +-- tsscmp1.0.5
remote: | | -- uid-safe2.1.4
remote: | | -- random-bytes1.0.0
remote: | +-- errorhandler1.4.3
remote: | | +-- accepts1.3.3
remote: | | | -- negotiator0.6.1
remote: | | -- escape-html1.0.3
remote: | +-- express-session1.11.3
remote: | | +-- crc3.3.0
remote: | | -- uid-safe2.0.0
remote: | | -- base64-url1.2.1
remote: | +-- finalhandler0.4.0
remote: | | -- unpipe1.0.0
remote: | +-- http-errors1.3.1
remote: | | +-- inherits2.0.3
remote: | | -- statuses1.3.1
remote: npm WARN Umbler0.1.0 No repository field.
remote: npm WARN Umbler0.1.0 No license field.
remote: npm info ok
remote: Build OK
remote: Umbler: Build completed successfully! Your application will be updated and published soon.
remote: Umbler: Temp address:

Just another Node.js hosting

Sign up, choose a domain, select the runtime you want. Done! In just a few seconds you've got the environment provisioned and set up with the best practices.

  • Install Node.js in the version you need

    We know how difficult is to keep the app and all of its dependencies up to date. That's why you're able to choose whichever version your app requires. So don't worry about incompatibilities, every little thing is going to be alright :).

    v.4 v.6 v.7 v.8 v.9 v.10
  • Use the database your app needs

    Easily create a dedicated instance of MongoDB database or a shared MySQL database with tunning best practices effortlessly.

  • Monitor and manage your environments

    Keep up with your app performance and its issues through resources usage graphs, threshold usage alerts, error's log, and deploy's log.

  • Define the environment variables

    Enhance your app's security by saving environment variables in your container easily.

Use your favorite package manager

Use your favorite package manager

NPM or Yarn? It's up to you. You only have to make sure that you have set a package.json and that's it! When you deploy your app, the system will identify all of your Node.js app's dependencies and will download everything automatically.

Webpack Yarn Yoman Express Grunt Gulp

Deploy to production with one push

We'll give you a git URL that you can use to push your code. You can set it to deploy to production automatically every git push or to deploy by clicking the Deploy button in your control panel.

  • Version control

    Enjoy total control over the versions of your apps with Git Umbler.

  • Work Collaboratively

    Share access, not passwords. By granting access to a web site, your team can work collaboratively in the same code each one in your own Umbler account. You can even set it not just for sites and apps, but also for emails, and domains.

Deploy to production with one push

Do you still have doubts about the Node.js Hosting in Umbler?

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from users about the Umbler's Node.js Hosting

Just use the same access data to your Umbler account.

You can enable the error logs in the control panel. After that, the system will start logging errors for the next 24 hours.

Nop. When you add an app to your account, it creates a dedicated container to run this app. Each container has its image which addresses the peculiarities of that specific runtime.

Yes. Currently, Node.js environments are only structured in containers.

In virtualization, the environment encapsulates the entire operational system with many processes. When structuring environments in containers, the environment encapsulates only one process.

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